How our hands-on customer support made all the difference to help efficiently serve thousands of New Yorkers.

  • The Client: Governors Island
  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Launch Date: July, 2020

The Trust for Governors Island is responsible for the stewardship and ongoing operations of 150 of the Island’s 172 acres, including its award-winning park. The Island is packed with attractions, art exhibits and bike paths. 

The Challenge

Governors Island was heavily impacted by the COVID -19 outbreak and needed a ferry ticketing solution that would ensure social distancing and fast implementation to operate safely during the pandemic. They had to ensure they did not exceed the new capacity restrictions and that visitors would not cluster together when trying to purchase tickets and waiting for the next ferry. A secondary challenge was ensuring that as the park continues to innovate and develop, Governors Island needed to feel confident that a custom-developed solution could quickly scale up and handle future revenue streams such as rentals and vehicle bookings. 

The Solution

By selecting the RocketRez solution with an onboarding service that provided Governors Island with 24/7 technical support, the two teams were able to work together and launch an online ferry ticketing system within one month. With the online ticketing system successfully implemented, Governors Island quickly discovered that the system made ticket booking much easier for visitors and provided more predictability due to the advanced ticket sales reports that were available. With the 24/7 support plan, the team at Governors Island could rest easy knowing they had a technical team standing by to respond to any software issues that might arise during the peak sales season. 

Our two teams were able to work together and launch an online ferry ticketing system within one month

Even after rolling out the new platform, Governors Island witnessed RocketRez’s commitment to providing the best visitor experience possible, reporting that “it was this hands-on customer support that made all the difference”. Additionally, RocketRez has also offered customized solutions for other revenue streams, and the team at Governors Island looks forward to implementing more custom-developed RocketRez modules throughout their entire organization.