• The Client: Reunion Tower
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Launch Date: January, 2021


  • Reunion Tower is a highly visual attraction which needs a great photo solution 
  • Their previous solution had a slow buying process, reducing conversion 
  • They required a professional photographer, cutting into their margins on photos 


  • RocketPhoto modular tools allowed for a swift digital buying process on-site from kiosks 
  • Retail items now added to the kiosk buying process 
  • Eliminated need for a professional photographer, reduced time spent editing photos  

Reunion Tower is an observation deck in downtown Dallas, Texas. Sitting at 470-feet in the air, guests at the reunion tower Geo-Deck can see for miles in each direction, looking out at one of the most scenic skylines in America. Naturally, the deck is a popular destination for field trips, anniversaries, private events, date night packages and more – scenic views tend to mix well with special occasions. As such, a high-quality photo process is an absolute necessity for Reunion Tower.  

Reunion Tower Photo Strategy 

Each guest receives a complimentary digital photo with the purchase of a general admission ticket. This is considered a low cost, highly effective marketing channel. These high-resolution photos are edited on site by an employee and do not include a watermark. Many photos are shared to social media and this ensures all guests are equipped with a high-quality photo. User-generated content is an effective tool for Tours and Attractions, and Reunion Tower has done a great job capitalizing on this opportunity.  

When guests collect their complimentary photo at the Reunion Tower photo kiosk, they can look at several other paid photo options and retail items the company provides – capturing the audience looking for a true takeaway souvenir.   

Advantages of RocketPhoto 

ECommerce buying process increases revenue 

Reunion Tower has a suite of photo offerings that include frames, folders and even a battery powered light-up frame. Their previous photo system required guests to scan a unique barcode to view each photo at the Reunion Tower photo kiosk and then choose their favorite photos to purchase.   

Implementing RocketPhoto caused an immediate improvement to the user experience at purchase. The connected and modular cloud app makes it simple to build your own sales flow with a wide variety of options and all available photos appearing on the kiosk screen from one barcode.  

“If I [Reunion Tower customer] want to buy Photo A, Photo B and Photo C – I can buy all three of those with different backgrounds and put them in different frames all in one purchase process.”

— Shawn Miller, Director of Operations

Photo quality increases customer satisfaction 

In the age of social media, the expectations for photo quality continue to rise. Reunion Tower has photo options that include a green screen, which sometimes require editing before being presented to customers. The RocketPhoto system is highly intuitive and uploads images of impeccable quality, which reduces the time spent editing.  

“If the photo comes out bad, you won’t even care to share it – let alone buy it.” 

— Shawn Miller, Director of Operations

Simplicity increases efficiency and margins 

It has been estimated that having a professional photographer on-site taking pictures of guests can erode up to 75% of your margin on photos. At an attraction with significant foot traffic, capturing that additional revenue can be transformative over the course of years.  

“The system is very user friendly in terms of not needing a lot of training or camera expertise.” 

— Shawn Miller, Director of Operations 

The RocketPhoto system’s modern design reduces time spent editing photos. Your staff does not require specialized skills as a photographer or editor to maintain quality control and produce photos at an increased rate.  

RocketRez is proud to partner with this great attraction and hopes to help create many guest memories for years to come.

“When we signed up with RocketRez, we thought we’d get a vendor, but in reality we’ve found a helpful partnership where we can ask questions and regularly hear back from them within a couple of hours, not waiting days or weeks”. 

Shon Stanbrough, IT Manager