Amusement Parks

Ticketing & Reservation

Give your customers the opportunity to get more out of their visit to your theme park with Memberships. Encourage guests to come back time and time again by providing special rates, VIP discounts, and free gifts.

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Retail POS

Make the most of your Point of Sale by using RocketRez in all areas of your theme park. Guests may buy tickets online, at your ticket window or self-serve kiosk, grab a bite to eat from a food truck and take home a souvenir from your Gift Shop – and the RocketRez Point of Sale can handle it all!

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General Admission

Sell tickets quickly and get people into your attraction. Need the tickets to expire over time? Not a problem.

Unlimited Point of Sale Layouts

Help make your business more efficient by setting up separate Point-of-Sale layouts for your ticketing booth, gift shop, administration office, concession stand, etc.

Fast Ticket Sales

Get through that 300-person ticket booth lineup with our streamlined touchscreen POS system.

Custom Dashboards

Design, format and save your own dashboard with multiple reports, charts, maps, text, hyperlinks, and images.

Kiosk Ready

Sell tickets on your kiosks with live ticket inventory.

OTA Integrations

Start selling tickets real-time through any of our directly integrated 3rd-party resellers, such as Viator and Redeam.

Rapid Scanning

Check-in visitors quickly with our quarter-second, barcoded ticket scanning.

Yield Management

Easily protect your margins with yield and revenue tools within RocketRez. Restrict OTA sales to a predetermined amount of inventory, or cut off third party sales altogether on high volume days where you can fill your attraction with full margin direct business.

Automatic Price Changes

Create a price override schedule for your rates ahead of time, and allow seasonal pricing to happen automatically!

Smart Pricing

Utilize various pricing configurations within RocketRez that allow for flexibility and allocations between rate classes, specific areas of a tour, vehicle, boat or venue or other custom variables.

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