RocketRez museum software enables a host of new functions increasing revenue and efficiency.

In the heart of the central Canadian prairies is the Mennonite Heritage Village. The Village is a fully preserved, turn of the century Russian Mennonite community located on a 40-acre site. Guests spend hours walking through and observing this piece of Canadian heritage – making it a popular destination for the local Mennonite community, history buffs and school field trips.

Each year on the July long weekend, the City of Steinbach and Heritage Canada partner with the Village for the annual Canada Day celebration. People flock from many neighboring communities to join this fun family celebration. Guests can walk through the village, view a variety of monuments and artefacts and enjoy food, beverages and a host of activities. Based on past years’ attendance – they expect up to 5,000 people.

“This is the single largest attendance day that we have.”

Patrick Friesen, Development Coordinator

This year’s celebration was coloured with a degree of uncertainty, as COVID-19 restrictions impose some guidelines of how the celebration must operate. The MHV had been searching for a new software to manage their operations and found a perfect fit with RocketRez.

RocketRez has honed several features over the years that meet the specific operational nuances of a Museum or Gallery. Implementing our museum software has allowed the MHV to streamline administration and reduce manual work on-site while adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

Online Sales

Museum customers must plan some logistics on the day of their visit. Some customers travel from far away with their whole families. Once they arrive at the museum, they have a limited time frame and a lot of options for exhibits to view and additional activities to participate in. Being thoughtful about the planning they must do, and providing all the information they need in an easy-to-use way, dramatically improves your guest experience.

“The way we’ve done it in the past was a PDF that you download from our website, scan and email it back, then wait for our confirmation. [With RocketRez], we have all the information about what you can experience, you choose from the menu online and say, “book now”.

Patrick Friesen, Development Coordinator

Here is a sample of your options when visiting the Mennonite Heritage Village:

  • Indoor Gallery
  • Outdoor Village
  • Barrel Train Ride
  • Horse Drawn Carriage
  • Traditional Meal
  • 38 Historical Monuments

Beyond individual and family purchases, the MHV derives a lot of its customers from school field trips. Simplifying the process with a live “shopping cart” in our online sales web engine allows for better planning on the part of trip organizers and better forecasting for the MHV’s staff capacity planning.

Timed Entry

With a large suite of activities to choose from, it is common for a guest to spend two to three hours at the MHV. This requires the team to ensure the crowd is neither too large, nor to small, at any given time throughout the day. Customers who drive an hour and a half to go to the MHV will be frustrated and less likely to return should they find that its full when they arrive.

Timed ticketing allows staff to plan capacity and stop selling tickets at the optimal number of guests on the grounds. The data RocketRez provides, combined the MHV team’s operational insights on the ground, allow them to hone these numbers and the associated prices to bring in additional customers in slow traffic times.

“Our current demographic skews a bit older. Within a couple hours of going live we had people logging in to buy tickets. It’s evidence that the online flow makes sense”.

Patrick Friesen, Development Coordinator

Rotating Exhibits

The MHV, like many museums and galleries, has several static exhibits that form the core of their offering. They then rotate a host of different exhibits, events, features and guest speakers to ensure they keep their customers engaged.

RocketRez gives MHV the ability to update their online sales engine to show new rich imagery and descriptions – with their centrally administered capacity and pricing settings for each new event. Thanks to the “drag and drop” modularity of our web engine, this can be updated as often as needed with minimal technical knowledge required.


“The ability to manage memberships has been a vexing process for us. The renewals, keeping communication with members has been a bit of a strain at times”.

Patrick Friesen, Development Coordinator

The MHV is a member-driven museum and member communications are very important to them. Partnering with RocketRez has allowed them to streamline memberships and online donations with museum software allowing seamless payment options that recur monthly (or annually with a discount).

Customers are automatically sent all applicable renewal confirmations and receipts and can be sent a template email with the MHV’s key messages of gratitude and periodic updates.

Private Events

Finally, the MHV hosts many private events like graduations and weddings. Putting together a package of services to satisfy all customer needs requires on-site staff planning and also management of some third-party services. The ability to centralize this within RocketRez makes sure there is a central record of planning and updates for all staff to review.

“The ability to manage those contracts. Hold the deposit, schedule the payment process, communicate with an outside photographer or caterer. It will be great to manage that all within the RocketRez system.”

Patrick Friesen, Development Coordinator

While imposed in a rush by COVID-19 restrictions, the Museum believes our museum software have improved both their operations and the customer buying experience and will remain in place for years to come.

RocketRez has decided to become a proud sponsor of the Mennonite Heritage Museum Canada Day celebration. See you there this July long weekend!

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