Detailed Financial Reports

Keep your finger on the pulse of your operations with real-time, detailed financial reports.

Custom Dashboards

Design, format and save your own dashboard with multiple reports, charts, maps, text, hyperlinks, and images.


For more than 90 years, BHC and the Nolan family have been leading the way with outstanding cruises on Boston’s historic harbor. What began with a man, a boat and a vision has grown into today’s BHC; with 500 daily departures, 53 vessels and 250 year-round employees, plus a seasonal workforce topping 650.

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Export Easily

Every report allows you to export directly into Excel or PDF format. Take full control over how you work with your business numbers.

Build Your Own Reports

Create reports on any aspect of your business. Want to know who used your 10% coupon to buy at least two tickets, a soft drink and chips last Thursday in your gift shop? Find out.

Charting and Graphs

RocketRez’s advanced reporting package provides users with a wide variety of charts and graphs to choose from.

Real-Time Results

Get the answers you need, when you need them. Our reporting allows you to see real-time results in a hurry.

Filter Data

Sometimes less information is more useful. Set how much or how little information you want to see on each saved report.