No New Equipment Necessary

In most cases we can use your existing hardware. Feel free to send us a list of your hardware so that we can confirm their compatibility!

iPad Support

Our entire platform can be run from any standard iPad, making it possible to sell tickets anywhere!


For more than 90 years, BHC and the Nolan family have been leading the way with outstanding cruises on Boston’s historic harbor. What began with a man, a boat and a vision has grown into today’s BHC; with 500 daily departures, 53 vessels and 250 year-round employees, plus a seasonal workforce topping 650.

Learn how our clients use RocketOS

Mobile Scanning

Scan tickets anywhere by turning any iPhone into a mobile ticket scanner.

Fast Ticket Sales

Get through that 300-person ticket booth lineup with our streamlined touchscreen POS system.

Ticket & Receipt Printing

Fully compatible with a massive variety of ticket and receipt printers.

Kiosk Ready

Sell tickets on your kiosks with live ticket inventory.

Rapid Scanning

Check-in visitors quickly with our quarter-second, barcoded ticket scanning.

December 2020 Product Updates: Seating

Launching January 2021 RocketRez has always offered custom seat maps for tour and attraction companies. Mainly to allow customers to select their seating in the booking journey. Now we have added even more functionality to help you grow revenue and make it easier to fill your seats. *New* Visual Tools for Seating Now customers can […]

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