Dynamic Seatmaps

Allow customers to select their preferred seat location, and automatically offer specialized pricing for VIP seats. Whether you operate a sightseeing vessel, theater, attraction, etc., this is assigned seating at your fingertips, tailored to your unique needs.

Print or email tickets

Provide printed tickets at your ticket window, or send E-tickets for even speedier admission! Flexibility is key for any operation, so whether you prefer to go mobile or use good ol’ fashioned paper, RocketRez has you covered.


The Client: Xtreme Xperience Location: Multiple Locations Launch Date: January, 2021 Xtreme Xperience is described very well by their mission: to put anyone in the driver’s seat of the supercar of their dreams. In order to do this most effectively the secret is, in fact, logistics. They own a fleet of over 30 supercars including […]

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Event Packages

Sell to large groups or private charters easily with fully customizable event packages.


Want to add an optional extra to a retail product? No problem with our powerful retail options system.


Simplify your sales process by bundling in meals, retail items or fees directly into your ticket price.

Inventory Management

Manage your retail and tour inventory on a company-wide, venue or sales office basis.

General Admission

Sell tickets quickly and get people into your attraction. Need the tickets to expire over time? Not a problem.

Gift Certificates

Sell, track, refill and redeem gift certificates right within the Point-of-Sale.

Timed Ticketing

Museum operators must pay careful attention to timing the traffic moving through their museum at any given time. Our Timed Ticketing feature manages your capacity in time blocks throughout the day to ensure a manageable crowd.  

Intuitive Design

Simple and attractive design makes it easy to train staff and get work done quickly and efficiently.

Unlimited Point of Sale Layouts

Help make your business more efficient by setting up separate Point-of-Sale layouts for your ticketing booth, gift shop, administration office, concession stand, etc.

Round Trip Tickets

Sell round trip tickets with the ability to easily choose the return date.

Pre-paid Passes

Need to sell a reusable ticket or non-time specific ticket? Pre-paid passes make this extremely easy.

Change Orders Easily

It’s a fact of life… customers change their mind. RocketRez helps you find, change, and refund orders in seconds instead of minutes.

Contactless Check-in

Track customers and meet social distancing guidelines by easily scanning tickets from a safe distance, up to 3′ away, or through the safety of a non-tinted glass window.

Occupant-Based Pricing

Get the best of both worlds! Set prices for individuals or create pricing to reflect the total number of customers that are in a single vehicle.

Fast Ticket Sales

Get through that 300-person ticket booth lineup with our streamlined touchscreen POS system.

Product Ticketing

Product ticketing allows you to create barcoded tickets for retail items such as drinks, photos, gift shop items and more, making ticket scanning quick and easy.

Barcode Ticketing

Stop ticket fraud and get real-time, accurate passenger manifests with our fast-scanning, barcoded tickets.

Assigned Seating

Allow your customer to choose where they want to sit with airline-style assigned seating.


Give your customers the opportunity to get more out of their visit with Memberships. Encourage guests to come back time and time again by providing special rates, VIP discounts, and free gifts.

Private Events

Simplify your private event management with detailed contract templates, deposit schedules, and easy-to-use scheduling. Keep all relevant information for your private events in one location. Log payment and order history, contact info, contracts and marketing information. Remind your staff to follow up at the right times with internal notifications, and send an email to your customer from directly within your reservation software!