Ticketing & Reservation

Track every ticket purchased and used with barcode ticket scanning. Customers can purchase tickets online ahead of time, or walk up to the ticket window before their trip. For those frequently returning passengers, multi-use passes make it easy for riders to get on board when they need.

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Set up round trip tickets with multiple departure times and destinations. Need to enforce a specific return time? No problem! You choose when your customers return based upon their original departure time.

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Pre-paid Passes

Need to sell a reusable ticket or non-time specific ticket? Pre-paid passes make this extremely easy.

Kiosk Ready

Sell tickets on your kiosks with live ticket inventory.

Fast Ticket Sales

Get through that 300-person ticket booth lineup with our streamlined touchscreen POS system.

Rapid Scanning

Check-in visitors quickly with our quarter-second, barcoded ticket scanning.

Round Trip Tickets

Sell round trip tickets with the ability to easily choose the return date.


Simplify your sales process by bundling in meals, retail items or fees directly into your ticket price.

Change Orders Easily

It’s a fact of life… customers change their mind. RocketRez helps you find, change, and refund orders in seconds instead of minutes.


Give your customers the opportunity to get more out of their visit with Memberships. Encourage guests to come back time and time again by providing special rates, VIP discounts, and free gifts.

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