Observation Decks

Ticketing & Reservation

Send your elevator ridership sky high! Sell admission online or at the window. Print paper tickets, or send E-tickets for even speedier admission! Stop ticket fraud and get real-time, accurate guest counts with our fast-scanning, barcoded tickets.

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Retail POS

Utilize the RocketRez POS in all areas of your business. Sell admission tickets, retail, food & beverage – all from within the same Point of Sale system!

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Enjoy the ability to sell tickets real-time with your most important partners! Sell through concierges, tour partners, and a directly integrated, wide variety of 3rd-party resellers such as Viator and Redeam.

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Simplify your sales process by bundling in meals, retail items or fees directly into your ticket price.

Upsell Retail

No need for a secondary web cart. Upsell retail items as part of the checkout process or create an entirely different web engine that only sells retail items.

Kiosk Ready

Sell tickets on your kiosks with live ticket inventory.

OTA Integrations

Start selling tickets real-time through any of our directly integrated 3rd-party resellers, such as Viator and Redeam.

Automatic Price Changes

Create a price override schedule for your rates ahead of time, and allow seasonal pricing to happen automatically!

Concierge Reselling

Manage your partnerships with local businesses with ease. Customize rates, price overrides, and commissions.

General Admission

Sell tickets quickly and get people into your attraction. Need the tickets to expire over time? Not a problem.

Photo System

Take control of your attraction photographs! Put a photo system in place that puts dollars back into your organization – not in a 3rd party vendors pocket. Connect your photo system with ticketing and reservations, online sales, analytics and more to create a seamless experience for visitors and sell more photos.

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