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Keep your guests returning to learn more with the use of Memberships! Assign specialty rates, discounts, gifts and more to encourage your guests to visit regularly. Don’t forget to assign certain questions to your Membership holders for marketing purposes!

Retail POS

Gift shops are the busiest places to be! Use RocketRez at your gift shops to sell merchandise fast and efficiently. Search or scan product barcodes to quickly add retail to an order.  Keep track of the inventory so that you always know when it’s time to restock the shelves.

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Ticketing & Reservation

Keep guests flowing through your center all throughout the year! Sell admission online or at the window. Print paper tickets, or send E-tickets for even speedier admission! Set up different prices for multiple workshops and educational programs so that your visitors can choose the experience they want to have.

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Private Events

Simplify your private event management with detailed contract templates, deposit schedules, and easy-to-use scheduling. Keep all relevant information for your private events in one location. Log payment and order history, contact info, contracts and marketing information. Remind your staff to follow up at the right times with internal notifications, and send an email to your customer from directly within your reservation software!

Contract Management

Automatically generate detailed contracts from customized templates. Create and use as many contracts and sub-contracts as you need.

Payment Schedules

Setup custom payment schedules and keep track of when and how your customers are paying for their event.

Upsell Retail

No need for a secondary web cart. Upsell retail items as part of the checkout process or create an entirely different web engine that only sells retail items.

Forms, Questions & Surveys

Create any type of form you can imagine and send it out directly to your customers. You can even automate both the sending and the review of these forms!

Real-Time Results

Get the answers you need, when you need them. Our reporting allows you to see real-time results in a hurry.

Web Schedule

Creating a Web Schedule is an easy way to allow customers to see all of your tours for one single day in the same place.

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