One of the main benefits of the RocketRez all-in-one operating system is flexibility. Over the years we have built specialty features to help owners save time and drive revenue for Theme Parks, Zoos and Aquariums. However, we excel most in the specialized niche of Boat Tour software.  

We believe ticketing and reservation software cannot be one size fits all, as it is only one piece of a path of dependencies in your unique business process. We must understand how this works on the ground at your operation and how information is passed from one department to another.

We’ve identified five key features we’ve built specifically for boat tours that reduce common workloads in this industry.

Custom Scheduling and Capacity Management 

Running multiple boats can be hectic. Management needs an easy way to plan the key characteristics of each tour well in advance. RocketRez allows you to go boat-by-boat and enter a custom tour schedule, departure times and boat capacity by month, season or for the entire year. This level of customization on the back end of an online buying processes reduces the manual workload of your staff.

Simplified booking 

Online ticketing and reservations are our specialty – and we do it well. It is also the first step in a chain of processes from booked tour to happy customer. Great information at each stage helps management provide great experiences at the next. Our boat tour specific module is equipped with several custom booking tools. Seat maps help customers to self-select and a tour manifest helps your staff build reports for capacity planning. Accurate forecasting of food and beverage requirements from this manifest helps tours run smoothly.

Customer Communication 

Once your customers have completed your seamless online booking process you have earned the right to reach out to them. Any forms and waivers that are required before the tour can be sent out automatically through our waiver module. Additionally, trip reminder emails sent out in a pre-set cadence help set expectations for customers and drive them to potential upselling opportunities.  

Cloud-Connected Fleets 

On the day of tour, customers will be scanned in and purchase beverages, food and gift shop items. Generally this is done with Point-of-Sale hardware from your staff. Many boat tour operators run multiple boats simultaneously, which can be miles apart on the water. With cloud-connected systems, your staff simply log into the RocketRez module on your preferred device and all data and records go to a central location.  

Communication with Resellers 

Finally, many boat tour operators collaborate with other businesses as resellers of their tickets. It is common to bundle a boat tour with a restaurant, hotel or event offer. Our reseller module allows an outside party to log into the RocketRez module and sell easily. Event planners and hotel concierges require no information or management to sell your tickets, they simply book through RocketRez and allow your pre-set prices, schedules and capacities dictate the process.  

Effective configuration of your boat tour software can drive revenue and reduce cost.